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It takes time and care to produce quality botanically-infused spirits, that is why our herbs and spices are matured for up to 3 months to ensure their distinctive qualities. Differing techniques allow us to achieve the flavoursome results which we have become renowned for, our production methods and the quality of our ingredients ensure that some of our products do not easily fit into any single category. It’s for that reason that we like to say – Spirits for free spirits!

The natural aromas and flavours associated with our artisanal liquors are born in the fields and meadows of the farms surrounding our distillery. We choose only local ingredients for a very simple reason – we believe that they are the purest, the most fragrant, and the most natural ingredients available anywhere. Their close proximity also means that can watch them grow and choose the perfect time for their harvest.

There is more history written on the walls of Pakruojis Manor than in all the hefty tomes of local history. Since the 16th century, the manor has experienced wars, progress, collapse, and an ever-changing litany of host families who called its great halls their home. The von Rop dynasty – who ruled the manor for the longest period of time – brought works of art and inventions, the influences of Western architecture, and even introduced the fine arts of brewing and distillation to the Manor. For that reason, it is hardly surprising that one of the oldest distilleries in Lithuania was located right here in Pakruojis.

In our Apotheca we created a rich yet simply made cocktails menu.

Pakruojis Manor Distillery was established and lovingly nurtured in Lithuania's historic north, where quality drinks have been produced since the early 16th century. It was originally constructed by the esteemed pharmacist Knut as an essential part of the Manor's apotheka. The production of quality drinks came later. Towards the end of 2018, and after a long silent hiatus, we brought life back to the distillery.

It is here that we take our inspiration from the local traditions, and the exceptional quality of the ingredients from the surrounding forests and fields, which are used extensively and exclusively in the production of our artisan products.

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Beetroot Schnapps

You've probably never tasted a strong alcoholic drink made from beetroot? Our inspiration came from the popular root-vegetable, which is commonly used in the kitchens of Lithuania. Most especially it is the main ingredient in a unique type of Borsch soup, famed in the southern Lithuanian region of Dzūkija (dzoo-ki-ya). We use specially dried beetroot, using the same technique as is particular to the Amarone wine industry, where partially dried grapes are the primary ingredient. Our unique drink is permeated by shades of sweetness, earthiness, and spices - it also contains five additional ingredients to complete the medley of taste which adds definition to the beetroot. It is also possible to make a low ABV mixer using Beetroot Schnapps simply poured over a quality tonic.


Horseradish has all the distinctive qualities of a local wasabi. The secret with Horseradish is in knowing when is the best time to remove the root from the deep, rich earth. The longer the root remains in the ground the more pronounced its spicy notes become. After maturing deep in the ground for a year, or even more, the root is grated and stored in spirit for at least two months. The drink is ideal as a delightful and tangy ingredient to a specially designed Bloody Mary, or simply as an accompaniment to grilled meats and smoked salmon.


The Scots have their rich smoky whisky, the Mexicans have their distinctive Mezcal, so why should we not have a uniquely special smoky drink from Lithuania? The smoking techniques we use are not as 'medicinal' as the whiskies from Islay, and not as peppery as those associated with Mezcal. In fact, it has been described as 'liquid smoked bacon in a glass'. If you're strong it makes for the perfect shot, otherwise, simply mixed with a tasty ginger beer you will find yourself geographically placed somewhere between Scotland, Mexico, and Lithuania. In addition, it is a highly agreeable and suitable addition to any cocktail where a taste of smokiness is required.


In the production of 'Artemisia Vulgaris 6+' we use 7 locally grown Lithuanian herbs - this gives the drink a distinctive Lithuanian bitterness. It also resonates with light flowery notes in its aroma as flowers are part of the herbal components - these flowers are also the source of the drinks sweetness. The ingredients are added to the drink in almost the same manner as bees bring nectar to the hive - slowly, slowly. The final touch is the addition of Acorus Calamus, a local Lithuanian version of ginseng. All of the herbs used in the process are grown at a small dedicated herb farm a mere 20 Kilometres from our distillery. The result is simply the finest Lithuanian digestif available.


Our delectable 'from field to glass' liqueur is created using no added sugar but relies entirely on the freshness of natural honey gathered from the abundant fields of Lithuania. The thyme is grown by ourselves at the Manor Distillery and picked at the peak of its blooming cycle, when the aroma is simply unforgettable. Our master beekeeper provides us with a distinctive honey which is both flowery and light in taste and texture. These qualities allow it to be taken neat, or as an ingredient in a uniquely special Spritz. This flavoursome liqueur was unanimously voted as 'Best International Herbal Liqueur' by the American Craft Distilling Institute.


When it comes to Cherry Brandy we can offer two complementing tinctures, both lovingly created and matured at our distillery. One of which embodies all of the sweet characteristics of the Maraschino cherry while the other is pronounced with the simultaneous sensations of both freshness and sourness. You may even enjoy attempting to guess our secret ingredients which also go a long way towards adding to the distinctive tastes associated with the drink. We also create a stunningly delicious Cherry Espresso Martini which is most definitely worth sampling.


Eau de vie de biere is distilled from a German-type top-fermented beer which is specially brewed in our own Manor brewery. It is essentially distilled from grain but comes fresh to the nose with notes of green apple and pear. It can be enjoyed and savoured neat or mixed with a refreshing grapefruit juice and a couple of subtle dashes of 'Artemisia Vulgaris 6+'.

The vast majority of the herbs we choose to complement our products are grown on a specialist herb far located less than 20 km from our craft distillery. However, as we like to be hands-on with every part of our process, we have also included a herb garden right here on the farm at Pakruojis Manor. In addition, we source all of our vegetables from local farmers giving us the advantage of tasting the produce before selecting only the very best to use in our creations. Lithuanian bees also play their part by providing us with only the finest of honey produced from the abundance of local wild meadow flowers and the delicate freshness of lime blossoms. We go to all of this extra effort to ensure that every last drop of our craft specialities is adorned with the tastes and aromas of pure and natural goodness.

Our distillery began its life several hundred years ago as part of the Manor's Apotheka by the renowned pharmacist Knut. Knut was a living encyclopedia of natural plants and herbs. Being a non-native, he was constantly enthralled by the richness of botanical life which abound in our countryside. To this day we still embrace and employ the knowledge left behind by Knut in our attempts to reveal their hidden natural properties in our drinks and creations.

Today, the manor has been magnificently restored and has once again become one of the most recognisable cultural hubs for the entire Baltic region. When you come to visit us, you will discover a hotel, a fine-dining restaurant, be welcomed on education tours, witness celebrations and many other spectacular occasions such as the Summer Flower Festival and the Winter Festival of Lights. Pakruojis manor is open to the public and offers a genuine taste of virtual time-travel, bringing the visitor back to an era when the Manor hummed to the tunes of nobility and commoner alike.