“Smoked” martini 

“Smoked bacon style” infusion 50 ml, dry vermouth 5 ml. Beverages are mixed with a teaspoon and decorated with three pickled onions on a stick.

“Artemisia” Spritz

Bitter “Artemisia vulgaris 6 +” 40 ml.,   couple of strawberries, sugar syrup 15 ml, lemon juice 15 ml, a little bit of sparkling wine. We shake all components, except for berries and wine.  Then pour sparkling wine and decorate with strawberries.

Baltic Side

Beetroot infusion with truffles 40 ml.,  lemon juice 25 ml., sugar syrup 15 ml., several mint leaves, a slice of cucumber. We squash cucumber and mint a little bit, then pour the other components  – we shake a little bit. We decorate with a mint twig and a slice of cucumber .

Bloody Horse

“Old horseradish” infusion 40 ml., tomato juice 150 ml., lemon juice 10 ml., few drops of “Tabasco” or “Worchester” sauce, a little salt and freshly ground black pepper. We mix all components in a separate utensil and then pour into glass. We decorate with with olive, celery and lemon.

“T.H.S.” tonic

Thyme liqueur with honey and saffron 40 ml, tonic  120 ml., lime juice 5 ml. We pour juice and tonic into the liqueur and decorate with a thyme twig.