Pakruojis manor distillery was restored in the historical place of the manor and is dedicated to reveal traditional liquors of the Baltic region, but in a new manner and in a new vision.

Our distillery maintains the old production methods. Here, based on traditions and through innovations, grains and plants are turned into high quality spirits. Pakruojis estate experienced craftsmen put all their heart, soul and experience in order to produce drinks with the traditions which date back several centuries. These liquors are distilled from plants, herbs and fruits picked in the neighbourhood of the distillery. 


Our goal is to restore a name of a real craftsman who specialises in distillation as well as the old traditions of its distillation.

Our region is more known for vodka drinks. However, the traditions of distillation in Lithuania are much more older and we want to return to the origins, to show the real craftsmanship, reveal the old spirit drinks and local infusions.